Charlie Ray has developed his coaching programs to help people looking to improve on Personal, Emotional, Physical, Carreer, Relationships, Spiritual goals. 

Charlie has mastered helping you getting over the emotional tides that keep you from achieving the life you have always wanted to live.

The programs that Charlie has set up is to work One on One or Group Coaching,  He helps children, high school, collage students, and adults build the future you have always striving to build.

Charlie can create an individual program that is tailored to fit the design of your organization to achieve a desired outcome.

Individual Coaching

Charlie Ray offers individual coaching programs that are tailored to the specific issues that you are dealing with. You will work one on one to ultimately build the future you are looking for.
  • Indentifing: Letting go of what does not serve us is one of the hardest things to do. Learn how to identify the emotional traumas that hold you back in your life.
  • Releasing: Letting go of emotional trauma that does not serve you.
  • Empowering: Once you let go of the emotions that hold you back you will receive tools on how to empower yourself to stay out of that state.
  • Build: Learn how to build a compelling future that you have always wanted to build.

Group Coaching Programs

Charlie Ray's group sessions fall around the same priciples as his individual sessions do. Charlie works with schools and organizations of all sizes looking to make an impact within their organizations to build a better impact in the group as a whole.

These group programs are tailored toward the needs of the organization that I am working with.  Most programs in this setting is working on communication and conflict and understanding it at the unconscious level.
Fill out the form if you want to find out more about this program. 

Student Empowerment Program

This program focuses on the issues that students struggle with through out there high school and collage years.
This program will help you to identify why you have the emotions you have. How to identify where your emotions first started to come from, and how to let go of these emotions, and how to build a compelling future.
 This program is fast at releasing your emotional trauma from your past. You will not find a program out there that can do what this does in about 30 days. Fill out the form to find out more about this program.

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