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In 2010 my life changed forever. My 14 year old son Kristopher took his life because he was misdiagnosed with depression and put on Zoloft during the beginning of the school year. Kristopher started cutting himself and within two weeks after a physiologist increased him medication he had ended his life.

I went from grieving the loss of my son, brother in law, dad, and mom all in two years, extremely over weight where it was affecting my health, got divorced, constantly getting in arguments with my family and kids. I had know idea how to communicate with my kids and understand why they would not communicate with me. 

I was able to realize that I had a lot of trauma in my own life that was unresolved from when I was younger (generational trauma). The issues I had growing up with my own parents and lack of understanding how to communicate with me. Having the feelings of not feeling loved, enough, significant, or connected were some of the factors that I had experienced in my own life. This lead to one of the biggest issues of codependency and failing relationship after relationship never understanding why.

I was able to understand how to release these issues in my life improve my communication with my kids and family. While repairing the bonds that had been broken. I was able to develop amazing relationships not only with myself but learning how to communicate affectively with others in my life. 

I have created a way of helping others get over the issues in their life. My love and passion that no one should have to suffer will live on in my work. I honer my son's life by creating a life for others that will free them of their beliefs, habits, and emotional traumas.
" He helped me release trauma I never believed was possible."
Charlie Ray has years of experience in the coaching industry working with youth, adults, groups, corporations and so many more. 
"Neuro-Associative Healing" are techniques that  look at 4 principles to build a individual, group, or corporation to excel in life.

When you have an neurological association to a situation, an event, a relationship, communication, or even a person you can have both good and bad associations. When events in your life are causing you stress, anxiety, depression, communication issues, or any emotional issue that is not serving you these events can cause major issues in your life.
It does not matter if you are dealing with a individual, group, students, corporation. We all have one goals which is to produce a result that will serve you and build you to your best life.


Charlie Ray works with business and sales professionals. Executives and CEO's that are stuck and can not move to the next level. Charlie has a systematic approach to developing each professional tailored to their specific outcome. Most issues start with blocks and the past relationships to that block that is preventing you from succeeding. Working with Charlie and his team develop a program that will work for your specific success. 

Personal Coaching

Charlie has worked with 1000's of clients to get rid of the emotional issues in their life. Charlie has worked with depression, anxiety, PTSD, fears, phobias, OCD, Bulimia, and so much more. The approach he has developed has increased the success rate of the individuals he has worked with. Set up a Free 20 discovery call and learn how you can live the life you have always wanted.
Listen to Christian's story and his relationship to money on how he was able to quickly put that to rest. After only one session he has been doing great things on the sales side and was promoted to Sales Manger. 
Kayla was struggling with the major PTSD. Listen how only after one session Kayla's PTSD when from 6 to 7 major episodes per week. To 4 months later only having 1 or 2 per week very short ones.
Hear Jory's story where he had some issues dealing with the belief that he was never enough. This belief started at childhood. In about 15 minutes Jory's mindset was changed and has stayed that way.

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