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In 2010 my life changed forever. My 14 year old son Kristopher took his life because he was misdiagnosed with depression and put on Zoloft during the beginning of the school year. Kristopher started cutting himself and within two weeks after a physiologist increased him medication he had ended his life.

I went from grieving the loss of my son, brother in law, dad, and mom all in two years, extremely over weight where it was affecting my health, got divorced, constantly getting in arguments with my family and kids. I had know idea how to communicate with my kids and understand why they would not communicate with me. 

I was able to realize that I had a lot of trauma in my own life that was unresolved from when I was younger (generational trauma) issues growing up with my own parents not understanding how to communicate with me. This lead to one of the biggest issues of codependency and failing relationship after relationship never understanding why.

I was able to understand how to release these issues in my life improve my communicate with my kids and family repair the bonds that had been broken and develop amazing relationships not only with myself but learning how to communicate affectively with others in my life, while understanding how they process information.

I have been able to successfully build a business that helps others to let go of the trauma that is holding them back in their own life and build incredible relationships with themselves and the people in their lives.
" He helped me release trauma I never believed was possible."
Charlie Ray is a leading expert in generational trauma and how your environment creates emotional traumas. Charlie has releasing emotional trauma in over 3000 individuals. Charlie has been able to help get rid or greatly reduce Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Fears, Phobia's and much more. Charlie has worked with clients ranging from sexual assault, human trafficking, domestic violence, suicidal tendencies, generational trauma, parental trauma, and much more without any use of medication.

Charlie Ray utilizes some of the best trained techniques in the industry to release the emotional trauma that holds you back. Generational trauma can be linked to feelings of not being loved, enough, or significant. These feelings if not released or unlearned will affect the way you communicate with your children and others. Charlie specializes in finding the root cause of issues in your life and extracting it. His techniques are affective immediate and long lasting.

One-on-One Coaching

Charlie Ray has developed a particular set of skills and programs that look at the root of the problem. You may discover that there are things in your life that may not be serving you. Maybe you know what it is a feeling or emotion. Maybe you have know clue why you are feeling the emotions you do. The programs and techniques that Charlie uses releases the emotions surrounding these issues and empowers that state to produce results in our relationships with not only yourself but with others. Teaches you to let go of anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, PTSD, and so much more. These programs have helped business owner, organizations, parents, children, non for profits and many more to build a foundation of trust and community. Empower your goals and help every aspect of your life. 
Listen to Christian's story and his relationship to money on how he was able to quickly put that to rest. After only one session he has been doing great things on the sales side and was promoted to Sales Manger. 
Kayla was struggling with the major PTSD. Listen how only after one session Kayla's PTSD when from 6 to 7 major episodes per week. To 4 months later only having 1 or 2 per week very short ones.
Hear Jory's story where he had some issues dealing with the belief that he was never enough. This belief started at childhood. In about 15 minutes Jory's mindset was changed and has stayed that way.

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Charlie Ray Speaking Events

Business Events    

Life, parenting issues, children, relationships, work pressures, your own mental health issues, social life, and this is just to name a few. Most may have nothing to do with work, but everything to do with performance at work. When you are constantly dealing with issues looking at the association of these events will determine how you will get through these issues and how you may not. 

Stagnation, mental health struggles, lack of vision, employee retention, poor leadership, so many others. We have all have experienced many different ways of seeing life and our experiences to this world. How one employee views something will be completely different to another. This can create conflict and misunderstanding in life but especially at work. 

The techniques and programs that Charlie Ray has developed can be preformed on stage in front of your entire work place and each audience member can receive a different experience that will improve not only the relationship they have with themselves but with others.

School Events

Some of the hardest things students are facing today is really just understanding how they communicate with themselves and others. When life happens and it hits hard at least in the mind of a student the emotional reaction to a situation can create lasting effects. 

What if students could understand just how they process information in their own individual mind and with that release the event without causing lasting emotional situations for them?

Based on the experiences we have in life we all grow up differently and experience things differently. Charlie Ray has brought together some amazing techniques to take your students and create lasting shifts on how they relate to the emotional situations that they go through.

Charlie Ray teaches students just that in his empowering 45 minute speaking series called "Empowering Your Mind"

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Ask Charlie Ray

If you are dealing with issues in your life and you want to ask questions to get real answers that will create change. Come on my recorded show called "Ask Charlie Ray".  I can give you techniques and suggestions on how to deal with issues from parenting, bullying, depression, anxiety, fears, phobias, or just dealing with life. Click the link below to sign up for the show.

Wednesday's Parent Night

If you are dealing with your child and are struggling to get a better idea of how to help your child.  You need to sign up for this group. I have limited spots, only 10 parents at a time for an hour and a half. 
If you want to be able to solve issues and build the rapport back up with your kids. Learn to understand your kids struggles and how can you impact their life and give them the support they need. 

If you are looking to join the Parents Night or Ask Charlie Ray sign up below.

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